imgAn Excellent Return on Your Investment:

Membership Fee = $3000 in realized benefits

CCD membership pays for itself in very measurable ways.  With all the helpful tools and savings itís a business investment that puts every membership dollar you spend to good use.  Hereís how CCD membership works on your behalf:

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  1. CCD Legal Advisor.  Access to legal advice 15 minutes per month via phone.  Also, annual review of club contracts and waivers.  VALUE:  $2,200
  1. Access to Human Resource CalifClubs.  Did you know that CCD provides the most up-to-date information on human resources, compliance and employment law?  Through members can obtain tools they need for day to day responsibilities.  Additionally, you receive the HR News UpDate E-News monthly.  VALUE: $500
  1. Memebership to CalChambers HR California Express for $99.  10% Discount on Posters, etc. SAVINGS: $100
  1. Access to insurance plans, which you may not otherwise qualify for, provides valuable options.  Depending on your club size and loss records, you may qualify for discounts through CCD Partners Fitness Pak Interwest Insurance or State Fund.  VALUE: Better rates for CCD members.
  1. Additional 10% discount on your IHRSA dues.  If you currently are an IHRSA member you can take 10% off the final tally of your annual IHRSA dues as a CCD member.  VALUE: Minimum $150
  1. Access data from Compensation Survey.  Avoid overpaying new employees by participating in the Annual Compensation Survey which covers most positions in the industry.  VALUE: Stay Competitive
  1. Online Education.  CCD provides a variety of online seminars which service the needs of every club department.  VALUE: Donít have to pay for travel time
  1. Legal Webinars.  A series lead by Jeffery Long of Prout LeVangie Lawyers, and sponsored by InterWest Insurance/Fitness Pak.  Free to CCD members.  VALUE: $150 per Webinar

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